Achieve Sports Physiotherapy and Rehab

What do YOU want to ACHIEVE?

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Physio for all walks of life specialising in sporting injuries

Here at ASPR we combine the latest science with manual ‘hands on’ therapy and strength and conditioning to identify and treat the underlying cause of pain conditions. We work with our patients to get them back to work or play, improve return to sports times and reduce the risk of re-injury. We are skilled in treating the following conditions:

Sports injuries

ACL/ligament reconstructions

Post op shoulder, knee, hip and ankle surgery

Hamstring tears

Athletic groin pain

Sciatica and low back pain

Shoulder and arm pain

Foot pain

Knee pain including runners knee

Shin splints and over training/over use injuries

Achilles tendon pain

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Sports and injury specific rehab programs

-Rehab programs are made unique to each client.

-Using the clients goals and the latest research

-Access to KFM’s high quality training facility

-Improve return to sport time-frames and reduce the risk of re-injury